Heath's story has been the subject of many articles, news stories, documentaries, and true crime tv episodes. 

Barbara Walters, on behalf of 20/20, covered Heath's story entitled "Under a Spell" in November 1999.

Montel Williams show in 1999.

"Scoutmaster's Secret", circa 1999, is a documentary that has ran on numerous crime networks.

Tom Hayes Production touches on Heaths story aired on German TV in 2008.

ID (Investigative Discovery) channel ran a series called Redrum in 2013; Heath's story "Scout's Honor" was the pilot episode.

Scoutmaster's Secret

Episode 1


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for Episode 1

1998 Interview

News Articles

Under a Spell Pt. I



Scoutmaster's Secret

Episode 3

Feb. 4, 1998 - Jack Walls is sentenced.

Under a Spell Pt. II

Scoutmaster's Secret

Episode 2

Sword and Scale- ​​ ($5 Subscription required)

Episode +PLUS-52:  Eagle Scout Heath Stocks was shaped into the man he is today at the hands of his Scout Troop Leader and mentor Jack Walls III. Jack took a lot of young Boy Scouts under his wing, like  Josh Aukes and Jack’s nephew, Wade Knox. Jack was voted Man of the Year by the Lonoke, AR Chamber of Commerce because of his work with young boys. In January of 1997, the murder of Heath’s family sets into motion a series of events that shakes the foundation of the small farming town. They uncover decades of abuse and realize Jack isn’t the man he says he is. 

Video courtesy of todaysthv.com interview dated May 7, 2012

by Lisa Hutson via YouTube @lisahutsonnews.

News4 - KARK - Jack Vincent reports Walls to be re-sentenced.

SANDY DAVIS SERIES - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

         Sunday, March 14, 1999 - Inquiry in Walls sex case leaves Scout's dad bitter

          Sunday, March 28, 1999 - His victims say Walls set up world of drink, smut, sex -- and fear Scout leader got boys to view       parents as enemy

          Sunday, April 18, 1999 - SPECIAL REPORT 'More Loyal to him than own family' Killer of mom, dad, sister talks about       JackWalls

January 19, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Slayings rock Furlow by Frank Wolfe 
January 20, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - News conference photo  - by Karen Vandonge.
January 20, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ) - Son slaughtered family, ransacked home, police say - by Frank Wolfe
January 21, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Friend recalls an angry son: 'I never thought he'd ...do it' - by Judd Slivka and Joe Stumpe
January 22, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Triple murder shocks city; son arrested - by Ed Galucki
January 22, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Stocks enters no plea at Tuesday arraignment by unknown 
January 22, 1997- Family Friend said Stockses were close-knit by Mark Buffalo 
January 22, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Son's plea to slayings delayed for mental tests - by Judd Slivka
February 5, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Two calls made from Stocks home - by  Unknown
January 23, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Lonoke faces 'giants' that took 3 lives - by  Judd Slivka
June 11, 1997 (The Leader) - Stocks changes plea, gets 3 life sentences - by Mark Carter
June 11, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Stocks pleads guilty; to spend life in prison - by Ed Galucki
June 11, 1997 (The Leader) - Grandparents: Show mercy for Heath - by the families of Elwood and Annie Mae Harris and Martin and Dorothy Stocks
October 22, 1997 (The Leader) - Cook asks, is taken off Walls rape case by Joan McCoy
November 7, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Former Boy Scout leader arrested again, faces 6 new charges by Sandy Davis 
November 12, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Murder solicitation added to charges against Walls by Mark Buffalo 
November 15, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Ex-Scout leader faces 2 new rape charges by Sandy Davis 
November 19, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Ex-Scout leader pleads innocent of sexual assault by Sandy Davis 
November 19, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Walls enters plea: 'Not Guilty' of rape, other charges by Ed Galucki 
December 3, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Healing the wounds of child molestation by David Vergun 
December 5, 1997 (Arkansas Times) - Nightmare on the Prairie by Michael Haddigan 
December 17, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Walls bond reduction called off by Ed Galucki 
December 17, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Walls' Boy Scouts sex trial in 3 cases scheduled Feb. 3  by Sandy Davis 
January 7, 1998 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Walls pleads guilty to rape by Sandy Davis 
January 23, 1998 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Six testify about lives since Scout leader attack by Sandy Davis 
January 28, 1998  (Lonoke Democrat) - Victims describe murder plot, lurid sexual details by Ed Galucki

November 17, 1999 - (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Prosecutor, police chief back clemency hearing by Sandy Davis

May 8, 2014 (Lonoke Democrat) - On the wrong side of the 'good ol' boy' system? by Ed Galucki

May 15, 2015 (Lonoke Democrat) - [Jack Walls] Breaks 18-year silence by Ed Galucki

August 16, 2020 (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) - 3 Arkansans remember Boy Scouts as dark time by Tony Holt

March 12, 2020 - KARK 4 TV-  Exclusive: Heath Stocks speaks from prison on murders, Boy Scout abuse and Jack Walls

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