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Scoutmaster's Secret

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Heath's story has been the subject of many articles, news stories, documentaries, and true crime tv episodes. 

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SANDY DAVIS SERIES - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

         Sunday, March 14, 1999 - Inquiry in Walls sex case leaves Scout's dad bitter

          Sunday, March 28, 1999 - His victims say Walls set up world of drink, smut, sex -- and fear Scout leader got boys to view       parents as enemy

          Sunday, April 18, 1999 - SPECIAL REPORT 'More Loyal to him than own family' Killer of mom, dad, sister talks about       JackWalls

January 19, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Slayings rock Furlow by Frank Wolfe 

January 20, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - News conference photo  - by Karen Vandonge.

January 20, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ) - Son slaughtered family, ransacked home, police say - by Frank Wolfe

January 21, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Friend recalls an angry son: 'I never thought he'd ...do it' - by Judd Slivka and Joe Stumpe

January 22, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Triple murder shocks city; son arrested - by Ed Galucki

January 22, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Stocks enters no plea at Tuesday arraignment by unknown 

January 22, 1997- Family Friend said Stockses were close-knit by Mark Buffalo 

January 22, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Son's plea to slayings delayed for mental tests - by Judd Slivka

February 5, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Two calls made from Stocks home - by  Unknown

January 23, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Lonoke faces 'giants' that took 3 lives - by  Judd Slivka

June 11, 1997 (The Leader) - Stocks changes plea, gets 3 life sentences - by Mark Carter

June 11, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Stocks pleads guilty; to spend life in prison - by Ed Galucki

June 11, 1997 (The Leader) - Grandparents: Show mercy for Heath - by the families of Elwood and Annie Mae Harris and Martin and Dorothy Stocks

October 22, 1997 (The Leader) - Cook asks, is taken off Walls rape case by Joan McCoy

November 7, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Former Boy Scout leader arrested again, faces 6 new charges by Sandy Davis 

November 12, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Murder solicitation added to charges against Walls by Mark Buffalo 

November 15, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Ex-Scout leader faces 2 new rape charges by Sandy Davis 

November 19, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Ex-Scout leader pleads innocent of sexual assault by Sandy Davis 

November 19, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Walls enters plea: 'Not Guilty' of rape, other charges by Ed Galucki 

December 3, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Healing the wounds of child molestation by David Vergun 

December 5, 1997 (Arkansas Times) - Nightmare on the Prairie by Michael Haddigan 

December 17, 1997 (Lonoke Democrat) - Walls bond reduction called off by Ed Galucki 

December 17, 1997 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Walls' Boy Scouts sex trial in 3 cases scheduled Feb. 3  by Sandy Davis 

January 7, 1998 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Walls pleads guilty to rape by Sandy Davis 

January 23, 1998 (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) - Six testify about lives since Scout leader attack by Sandy Davis 

January 28, 1998  (Lonoke Democrat) - Victims describe murder plot, lurid sexual details by Ed Galucki

May 8, 2014 (Lonoke Democrat) - On the wrong side of the 'good ol' boy' system? by Ed Galucki

Barbara Walters, on behalf of 20/20, covered Heath's story entitled "Under a Spell" in November 1999.

Montel Williams show in 1999.

"Scoutmaster's Secret", circa 1999, is a documentary that has ran on numerous crime networks.

Tom Hayes Production touches on Heaths story aired on German TV in 2008.

ID (Investigative Discovery) channel ran a series called Redrum in 2013; Heath's story "Scout's Honor" was the pilot episode.

Feb. 4, 1998

Jack Walls is sentenced.

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