January 19, 1993 - Letter to Ken Murphy at DHS from Boy Scouts of America Scout Executive, Jeffrie A. Herrmann. 

January 22, 1997 - Letter to Inv. Hollingsworth from Inv. Alex Finger re Heath polygraph (see below) of Jan. 18, 1997, results.

January 27, 1997 - Letter to Larry Cook from Chief Charles Peckat requesting Jack be held without bond.

February 4, 1997 - Mac Carder letter to Edgar Thompson regarding gag order and mental evaluation. (new)

February 5, 1997 - Letter to Michael Stuart from Mac Carder, Jr. regarding Stuart's contact with Heath's family.

February 10, 1997 - Letter to Mac Carder from Larry Cook enclosing docs from his file (27 pgs).

February 19, 1997 - Mac Carder Memo to Betty Johnson regarding phonecall with Judge Hanshaw. (new)

March 24, 1997 - Mac Carder Memo to Betty Johnson regarding phonecall with Edgar Thompson. (new)

April 14, 1997 - Betty Johnson Memo to File regarding Heath's plea and court appearance confusion. (new)

August 27, 1997 - Charles Walls, Jr. request of Farm Bureau Insurance Company to defend case against Jack Walls. 

October 13, 1997 - Morgan Welch letter to Larry Cook regarding solicitation of murder allegations against Hogans.  

October 16, 1997 - Letter to Larry Cook from Doug Hogan requesting charges be filed.

October 17, 1997 - Letter to Judge Hanshaw from Chief Charles Peckat regarding Larry Cook.

December 30, 1998 - Betty Dickey letter of support to "Whom It May Concern" on behalf of Heath.

January 11, 1999 - Letter to "Whom It May Concern" from Chief Peckat regarding support for Heath.

February 9, 1999 - Letter to Chief Peckat from Joye Cook supporting a further look into Heath's case. 

April 30, 1999 - Letter to Heath from Ark Dept of Human Services regarding maltreatment by Jack Walls.

May 3, 2000 - Letter to Post Prison Transfer Board Members on behalf of Heath's clemency.

2017 Family letter to "Whom It May Concern" - Signed letter by family members supporting Heath's journey to justice.

Pleadings (Heath's case) 

State v. Heath Stocks - Docket  

1-9-97    Affidavit for Warrant of Arrest of Heath Stocks by Mark Hollingsworth  

1-21-97  Information Regarding Case CR 97-9  

1-21-97  Petition for Mental Examination by Edgar Thompson  

1-21-97  Notice to Prosecuting Attorney and All Law Enforcement Agencies by Edgar Thompson  

1-21-97  Motion for Disclosure to Defendant by Edgar Thompson  

1-21-97  30-Day In-Patient Evaluation Order for Psychiatric Examination by Judge Lance Hanshaw 

1-22-97  State's Motion for Discovery by Barbara Elmore  

1-23-97  Order of Appointment - Edgar Thompson  

1-24-97  Motion to Control Prejudicial Publicity by Mac Carder  

1-31-97  State's Response to Motion to Control Prejudicial Publicity by Larry Cook 

2-12-97  Supplemental Motion for Discovery and Disclosure by Mac Carder 

2-12-97  Motion to Compel Compliance with Discovery by Mac Carder 

2-12-97  Motion to Suspend Any and All Observation and Psychiatric Evaluation of Defendant by the ASH by Mac Carder 

2-14-97  State's Response to Defendant's Motion to Suspend Any and All Observation and Psychiatric Evaluation of Defendant by the Arkansas State Hospital by Larry Cook 

2-14-97  State's Response to Defendant's Motion to Compel Compliance with Discovery by Larry Cook 

2-27-97  State's Response to Defendant's Supplemental Motion for Discovery and Disclosure by Larry Cook 

3-20-97  Order regarding Release of Full Psychological Report Issued by the ASU to be Filed Under Seal 

3-20-97  Order Control of Publicity by Judge Hanshaw 

6-5-97  Guilty Plea Agreement 

6-6-97  Judgment and Commitment Order 

Heath's Interviews

January 18, 1997 (1:10 p.m.)

January 18, 1997 (4:41 p.m.) - Pre-interview for polygraph exam - failed (See Jan. 22, 1997 letter re results). [Incomplete]

January 18, 1997 (7:05 p.m.) - Post-interview of polygraph exam - confession.

        and "Live" interview with Inv. Hollingsworth (7:08).

January 18, 1997 (time and location unknown) - "Live Interview"  taken by Hollingsworth, Finger, and "Officer." [Incomplete]

January 20, 1997 (2:08 p.m.)

January 20, 1997 (2:12 p.m.) - Steve Finch's handwritten version of 2:08 interview, above.

January 21, 1997 (time and author unknown) - [Incomplete]

September 8, 1997 - Interview during the investigation of Jack Walls, III.

1997 (exact date unknown) - Interview by Chief Charles Peckat during the investigation of Jack Walls, III. 


Victim Impact Hearing (Jan. 22, 1998)
Heath Stocks - Discusses Jack, abuse, and family.  

Rev. Robert Marble - Considered a "hostile witness," spoke of knowing about the sexual relationship of Jack and Heath, as well as being told by Heath, personally, that "Jack made me do it," in regards to the murder of his family.

Annie May Harris - Heath's maternal grandmother discusses her daughter, Barbara Harris Stocks, her family, Heath, and the secret she was told by Barbara just before her death. 

Dr. Moneypenny -  Testimony of Dr. James Russell Moneypenny expressing an opinion of the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

City of Carlisle v. Charles A. Walls, III - Trial transcript of Carlisle Municipal Court Case No. CR-93-698 (missing pgs. 76 & 77) - suit brought by Cledis and Doug Hogan versus Jack Walls regarding campout incident on December 29, 1992.

CourtTV - Scoutmaster's Secret transcript of interview with Karen Knox.

CourtTV - Scoutmaster's Secret transcript of interview with Heath Stocks.

Jack Walls

Ineligible Volunteer Record Sheet of Jack Walls dated January 14, 1993 (new)

Handwritten note to Cledis Hogan regarding an incident at a campout on Walls' farm.

Transcript of Deposition of Charles A. "Jack" Walls, III on April 29, 1994 by Attorney Chip Welch, attorney for the Plaintiffs Cledis and Doug Hogan. 

October 7, 1997 - Order Control of Publicity - signed by  Judge Lance Hanshaw.

October 30, 1997 - Affidavit for Search Warrant of Walls residence by Chief Peckat, ordered by Judge Lance Hanshaw.  

October 17, 1997 - Motion to Disqualify As Prosecuting Attorney - Filed by Larry K. Cook; citing an attempt to "avoid even the appearance of potential conflict. . ." in prosecuting Charles "Jack" Walls, III.

October 31, 1997 - Lonoke Police Dept. Incident Report regarding recovered stolen revolver from Walls residence during search.  

 February 4, 1998 - Dissertation of Judge Lance Hanshaw during the sentencing of Jack Walls.

Investigation of Jack Walls

10/14/1997 - Lonoke Police Supplemental Report - Chief Peckat prepares and delivers 5 Affidavits containing six charges to Deputy PA Barbara Elmore at the Circuit Courtroom, Elmore stating she would deliver to PA Larry Cook. (new) 

10/15/1997 - Lonoke Police Supplemental Report - Chief Peckat submits evidence to AR State Crime Lab with the notation that "all submitted to Prosecutor 10/15/97". (new) 

10/30/1997 - Affidavit for Search Warrant (new) 

10/30/1997 - Affidavit for Search Warrant #2 (new)

Evidence (Jack's case)

Evidence Submission Form - E-24 through E-35 (black vinyl case and paperback books)  *WARNING: Suggestive material*  

Hogan / DFS Investigation

10/05/1993 - Arkansas State Police CID Status Report re PA Larry Cook determined Walls actions in Hogan case do not constitute a crime. (new)

10/14/1998 - DHS Memo to Sgt. Jim Rainbolt (ASP) from Lloyd Warford, Investigator

12/7/1998 - DHS Memo to Breck Hopkins, Chief Counsel from Lloyd Warford, Investigator Re:  Internal Affairs Review of the DCFS 1993 Investigation of Allegations Against Jack Walls III.

Misc. Documents

 Memo to Cpt. Williams from Inv. Hollingsworth dated June 1, 1999, regarding Missing Stocks Crime Scene Video. 

Boy Scouts of America and Jack Walls

Philmont 1993 Expedition 621 B3photo and roster

 - Photo regarding same in Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

1992 Quapaw Area Council Troop 103 Roster - Adult Member Listing 

1/4/1993 - Ineligible Volunteer Record Shee

1/5/1993 - Letter to Jack Walls from Scout Executive, Jeffrie Herrmann, revoking Jack's affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America.

Victims Interviews/Statements

Interview of Scout parent regarding alcohol being provided at campouts.

Scout interview re campout experiences with Jack.

Medical - (New)

D. Kenneth Counts, Ph.D., P.A. letter to Les Anderson, M.D. dated March 30, 1995

D. Kenneth Counts, Ph.D., P.A. Progress Summary of Heath Stocks dated July 20, 1995

ARDHS letter to Judge Hanshaw dated March 11, 1997, regarding Heath's disposition for court.

ARDHS Forensic Evaluation of Heath dated February 7, 1997

MMPI Adult Report regarding testing dated April 12, 1995

National Library of Medicine PMID: 12816340 "MMPI-2 F scale evaluations in adult victims of child sexual abuse"

National Library of Medicine PMID:  11048821 "Clinical presentations of postraumatic stress disorder across trauma populations: a comparison of MMPI-2 profiles of combat veterans and adult survivors of child sexual abuse."