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Under a Spell Pt. I


Family Photos


Video courtesy of interview dated May 7, 2012

by Lisa Hutson via YouTube @lisahutsonnews.

Scoutmaster's Secret

Episode 3

Feb. 4, 1998

Jack Walls is sentenced.

News4 - KARK

Jack Vincent reports

Walls to be re-sentenced.

Heath's story has been the subject of many articles, news stories, documentaries, and true crime tv episodes. 

Barbara Walters, on behalf of 20/20, covered Heath's story entitled "Under a Spell" in November 1999.

Montel Williams show in 1999.

"Scoutmaster's Secret", circa 1999, is a documentary that has ran on numerous crime networks.

Tom Hayes Production touches on Heaths story aired on German TV in 2008.

ID (Investigative Discovery) channel ran a series called Redrum in 2013; Heath's story "Scout's Honor" was the pilot episode.

Under a Spell Pt. II

Scoutmaster's Secret

Episode 2

Scoutmaster's Secret

Episode 1

1998 Interview